Making Cherry-Lemon Ice Float



If anyone was counting, I actually owe you guys one more post for the [ancient] lemon spam but didn’t have the time to edit the photos and post it up. So this one goes out to those who suggested lemon ice and to some extent also to those who suggested lemonade. It’s sort of like a float, if…


Via @mdaughaday : New Chicken tacos on the menu @tastebarstl !


How to Make Fancy Hot Chocolate via A Cozy Kitchen

Deff tryin this out


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playtimes ogre

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Loft Studio, Atlanta of Rob Brinson & Jill Sharp Brinson

Atlanta-based photographer Rob Brinson has had this loft studio in the King Plow Art Center, a former plow factory from the 1800s, for 23 years now. Today it’s the full-time studio space he always dreamed of when he first became a photographer. He and his wife, Jill Sharp Brinson, stylist, designer and creative director for Ballard Designs, lived there full-time for six years but now use the living spaces as a getaway and a crash-pad for friends and relatives.

The studio has over 1,000 panes of glass and has incredible light for work. It is over 6,500 square feet with sections 25-feet tall with clerestories and was originally the foundry and pattern shop for the factory. It’s located in the Westside District of Atlanta.

The style is industrial and functional. It’s kind of like a space with a view, as every room has great natural light.

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Id like to live here


Make your own hanging garden!

Even without a balcony, you can grow flowers, herbs, and assorted plants with hanging vases and pots.

Nice idea